Charlotte, NC based record label L.A.H. Entertainment and its CEO/Founder Pimp'N Ken are excited to present its critically acclaimed producer compilation, "ATL's Finest Vol. 2", featuring the breakout singles, "DJ" and "Victorias' Secret", which sre now available for download. "ATL's Finest Vol. 2" features production heavyweights and multi-platinum hitmakers Shawty Redd, K.E. On The Track, Sonny Digital, and Mike WiLL Made.


1. "Copy That" - Pimp’n, Dee Dray, Sha, S-Dub, Legit, Mr. Popular & Shawty Redd
2. "How Playas Do"- Pimp’n, Legit, Dee Dray, Jonez, Mr. 704 & V-12
3. "Work" - Pimp’n, S-Dub, Dee Dray & Ensayne Wayne
4. "First Night" - Pimp’n, Dee Dray, Lance Soal, King Carter & Sonny Digital
5. "I Know" - Pimp’n, Zee Coffee, Dee Dray, Bettie Grind & Ke On the Track
6. "Hip-Hop" - Pimp’n, Royal Tee, Dee Dray, King Carter, Jay, Tiz & V-12
7. "March'n Band" - Pimp’n, Drumma Sc, Zee Coffee, Legit, Malp & Mike Will Made It
8. "Switch Lanes" - Pimp’n, Dee Dray, Legit, Teeny Barrino, Jerz & Mike Will Made It
9. "I'm Gud" - Pimp’n, Zee Coffee, Mr. Popular, Qz DaMusiqMan & Sonny Digital
10. "100 Cadillacs" - Pimp’n, Zee Coffee, Dee Dray, Slice 9 & Shawty Redd
11. "Now Act Like It" - Pimp’n, Debresha, Qz DaMusiqMan & Ke On the Track
12. "What's Up With You" - Pimp’n, Jonez, Zee Coffee, S-Dub, Shableek & Ke On the Track
13. "Guy Code" - Pimp’n, Dee Dray, Teeny Barrino & Mike Will Made It
14. "DJ" - Pimp’n, Amie, Zee Coffee, Mr. Popular, Dee Dray & Ke On the Track           
15. "Me and You" - Pimp’n, Dejanae, Dee Dray, Sha, Drumma Sc & Ensanye Wayne
16. "Victoria's Secret" - Pimp’n, Dee Dray, Love Lauren & Ke On the Track
17. "Grow Up" - Pimp’n, Dee Dray & Ensanye Wayne
18. "Twerk" - Pimp’n, Dee Dray, Mr. Popular, Jerz & Mike Will Made It
19. "Welcome" - Pimp’n, Jonez, Zee Coffee, Dee Dray & Ensanye Wayne


Indie record label L.A.H. Entertainment and its CEO/Founder Pimp'N Ken are proud to present the media praised and still buzzing hit compilation, "ATL's Finest Vol. 1", hosted by The Aphilliates' Trendsetter DJ Sense.


"Back Again" (Prod. by D. Rich) ft. Zee Coffee, Drumma SC & Legit
"Foreign (REMIX)" (Prod. by K.E.) ft. Dee Dray, Pimp'N & Future
"Azz On Your" (Prod. by EnsayneWayne) ft. Dee Dray, Legit & Zee Coffee
"Hate On" (Prod. by Shawty Redd) ft. Pimp'N, Drumma SC, Shawty Redd & Dejanae
"My Witness" (Prod. by K.E.) ft. Pimp'N & Teeny Barrino
"Rump Shaka" (Prod. by K.E.) ft. Pimp'N, Gucci Mane, Dee Dray & Dejanae
"Betta Way (If I Should Die)" (Prod. by K.E.) ft. Pimp'N, 2 Chainz, Zee Coffee & Dee Dray
"Cali" (Prod. by Mike Will) ft. Zee Coffee, Pimp'N, Drumma SC, Legit, Dee Dray & Dejanae
"A Piece" (Prod. by K.E.) ft. Dee Dray, Bobby V, Pimp'N & Dejanae
"Being Somebody" (Prod. by K.E.) ft. Shawty Redd, Pimp'N, Dee Dray & Lauren
"Green Lights" (Prod. by Sonny Digital) ft. Dee Dray, Sha, Pimp'N, Zee Coffee & Jonez
"I Like" (Prod. by D. Rich) ft. Dee Dray, Drumma SC & Zee Coffee
"Sweat Shop" (Prod. by Sonny Digital) ft. Pimp'N, Sha, Legit & Dee Dray
"Return Of Da Hustlas" (Prod. by EnsayneWayne) ft. Sha, Drumma SC, Pimp'N, Dee Dray & Venah